24 JUN 2020

Success factors in top SDH countries

In the last decade, Denmark, China, Germany and Austria played a leading role in the deployment of large solar thermal systems around the world. What country-specific...

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03 JUN 2020

Round robins improve TCM testing

Thermochemical storage materials (TCMs) offer much higher storage capacities by mass or volume than sensible or latent heat storage and can store heat...

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07 JAN 2020

Solar World Congress 2019

Water and energy are the most important resources globally. The term ‘water-energy nexus’ underlines their close connection, and the phrase has become...

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07 NOV 2019

IEA SHC Solar Award 2019

KYOTHERM of France wins the International Energy Agency Solar Heating Programme (IEA SHC) SOLAR AWARD. KYOTHERM’s third-party ESCO solution creates a commercial...

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03 JUN 2019

Solar Cooling at Intersolar 2019

his year’s Intersolar Europe, which took place in Munich, featured a conference session titled Solar, the new cool? Among the speakers at this solar cooling...

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29 MAR 2019

A PVT installation in Spain

  The solar PVT industry participation from several countries in Task 60 is to be noticed. In Spain a 80-PVT solar hybrid installation located...

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15 FEB 2019

Solar Award Nominations are Open

The Solar Heating and Cooling Award of the IEA SHC Programme celebrates the success of those working to increase the market impact of this renewable energy...

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12 DEC 2018

PVT in South Africa

A new project in Cape Town featuring a PVT solution! www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/15-on-oranges-pvt-energy-system-now-fully-operational-2018-12-11/rep_id:4136See

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23 OCT 2018

Online database on advanced PCMs

Compared to water, phase change materials (PCMs) offer more capacity to store heat in tanks. As a consequence, researchers in all corners of the world...

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21 DEC 2017

French PVT market is picking up

The IEA’s Solar Heating and Cooling Programme will create its own international research platform on PVT systems in January 2018. Researchers and industry...

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09 SEP 2016

Task 54 now on Twitter

Task 54 is now on Twitter. You can find us via @IEA_SHC_Task54. Tell us what you think about our goals and join the network.

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26 MAY 2015

SHC Book Series

IEA SHC Programme is collaborating with Wiley to publish a book series on a diverse array of solar heating and cooling topics. Order books here.

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18 MAY 2015

Solar Update May 2015 Now Online

The latest issue of the IEA SHC Programme’s newsletter, Solar Update is now online. This issue has articles covering a variety to topics ranging from the...

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25 MAR 2015

Solar Cooling Week in Shanghai

This is an exciting week -- Task 48 experts are holding their final Experts Meeting and Task 53 experts have an Experts Meeting. Immediately following...

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26 FEB 2015

New deliverables published

The Delivarables B1 (Methodologies and Software Tools for Integrating Solar Heat into Industrial Processes) and B2 (Integration Guideline) are now available

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03 SEP 2014

New Solar Cooling Book Published

New books on solar cooling demonstrate how solar cooling technology is being applied and highlights results from the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme’s...

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